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I originally wanted to do this post separate from all the awesomness that is my experience in Vegas with 50+ bloggers, and also because those posts were already long enough, but now that I’ve talked about Vegas for somewhere in the realm of 20 paragraphs I’m kinda pooped. Either way, the show must go on because I have some really important stuff to share with you all!

Before I get to the actual swag bag, the event itself was sponsored by so many amazing people on the strip. First of all, to Eric, who worked so hard behind the scenes with Nicole and was rarely seen at the actual event: A HUGE thanks. I know it’s your job, but you’re amazing at it.

Without Nicole organizing this entire event on company time, it wouldn’t have happened or have been nearly as amazing. And the WEBSITE! Shatterboxx is giving 20% off to any #BiSC attendee for a new header, custom vanity page, or even an entire website makeover. If you attended BiSC, enter BiSC2011 at checkout. If you didn’t? What are you waiting for? Start saving for next year so you can be eligible for this and other amazing offers! | @Shatterboxx

Tremendous thanks to the Flamingo Hotel for putting all of us crazy bloggers up, the free Wi-Fi in our rooms, the conference room on day one, the FOUR daybeds reserved by the pool every day, the seriously delicious farewell breakfast at The Paradise Garden Buffet, and for employing Buddy. Buddy was a riot and super helpful. | @FlamingoVegas

Sin City Brewing Co. located inside the Flamingo housed our initial meet up and three hours of open bar. Wowza did I use those three hours wisely.

Stratejoy, AKA Molly, sponsored Blogger Bingo [which I won!] as an ice breaker at Sin City Brewing Co. and it was fabulous. There were bloggers everywhere singing, doing shots, walking backwards, and tweeting the shit out of anything from their most embarrassing stories to greatest life goals. | @stratejoy

The Clever Girls Collective sponsored two pitchers of frozen mojitos by the pool on Friday morning. That was basically the only drink I wanted while in Vegas and no one seemed to be able to make them! Thanks, Clever Girls for curbing my craving! | @clevergirlscoll

One of our sponsored events was chocolate fondue and cocktails tasting at the Chocolate Lounge inside the Sugar Factory inside the Paris hotel. OH MY GOD were those red velvet martinis to die for. One of the highlights of the weekend for sure. We also loved going through the candy shop [and yes, some of us licked the lollipop]. | @SugarFactory

I guess they loved us so much they asked us to come back to Chateau night club after our next sponsored event. About ten of the BiSCuits went back and they got a comped table with two comped bottles of SKYY Vodka. How amazing is that? I was in bed, but I mean, WOW. | @ChateauLV

After the Chocolate Factory [and before Chateau] we all went to see Absinthe presented by Spiegelworld at Caesar’s Palace. This show is to die for. I can’t say enough amazing things about it. The Gazillionaire, sexy burlesque with Melody Sweets, handstands on chairs crookedly stacked ten feet high, a rollerskating couple flying out over the crowd, penis, tap dancing balloon boobies, Penny and her Reverse Cowgirl Sock Puppets, the Ukranian strong men, high wire keg stands, and so much more. The only thing I can say is that you just need to experience it for yourself. | @AbsintheVegas

We enjoyed some amazing caramels and fudge by the pool and later in Nicole’s suite on Saturday, sponsored by the amazing Swiss Maid Fudge. Swiss Maid is offering 15% off any order  until June 30th, 2011. Just enter BiSC15 at checkout. | @swissmaidfudge

On Saturday night, we had  a fun photo shoot and 1/2 priced drinks at the Saxe Theater Lounge. It was here that Katelin introduced me to the Madras. New favorite drink. | @SaxeTheater

The last stop for me on Saturday night was Pure Nightclub inside Caesars Palace. We cut the line and for about an hour we were the only ones in the club.  The rooftop was amazing and Caryn, Terra, and I talked to Robert the Security guard who was amazingly nice even though we were kind of trying to break the rules. We talked celebs and why he loves his job. Then he gave us his card and had to get back to work. Will.I.Am was supposed to be there, but of course he didn’t show up until 1:30 AM and by that time I’d had 6 drinks spilled all over me and people humping me uncontrollably, so we left before he started his DJ set. | @PureLasVegas

Last but certainly not least, The HUGEST OF RAINBOW VEGAS AIRPLANE SEXTOY LOVE THANK YOUS to Nicole for EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING times a bagillion. You were there the whole weekend, and several months prior to that, for every single need that every single blogger had that attended the event. And you did it without a single drink! And that guy of yours? Truly James Bond. He’s handsome and super capable of handling anything you throw at him. He’s definitely a keeper. LOVE YOU TO THE TEN BILLIONTH DEGREE. You’re the best. | |@NicoleIsBetter

Coming right up: Gift Bag Sponsors!

*Disclaimer: None of these lovely people paid or even asked me to blog about them. They simply sponsored the event I went to without asking for anything in return. How awesome is that?
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