A Temperamental Mac (and Where Else I’ve Been)

Fellow bloggers, I’m back and ready for action. You see, around the time I posted last (in APRIL!) my computer started acting really funky. If you know anything about me, you know I’ve been putting up with my temperamental MacBook’s antics for, oh, about 4 years now. Yeah. I know.

The short story is that I took it to Apple, they told me it was “vintage” and wouldn’t even diagnose it. I think the genius had a hard time even looking at my poor old computer. But from what I’d told him, he said it seemed like it was the logic board and that there was really nothing to do but get a new one for upwards of 600 bucks. HI, might as well get a new computer for that much! And then I had it appraised on one of those “turn in your old electronics” sites and found out my computer was worth exactly $29.60. TWENTY NINE DOLLARS AND SIXTY CENTS. The whole thing.

And all of that basically led to me finally breaking down and buying a new MacBook Pro. It’s a beauty, peeps. I really can’t believe I’ve been functioning on that old piece of junk for FOUR YEARS! I may as well have had an ACER or something, the difference is that significant.

So now that I’m back up and functioning like a normal internet addict again, (SC says I’ve been such a sad puppy these past few months) I’ve got TONS of content coming up. This is mostly due to the fact that I went to Vegas last month for Bloggers in Sin City and wasn’t even able to post one freaking picture on Facebook afterwards, let alone write a single post. And in previous years, I’ve written a 3-post and 5-post series, respectively. I’m working on getting caught up. Be a little patient and I promise it’ll be worth it.

You guys, this computer is so soft. I just want to pet it all damn day.

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