Review: Adore Me Subscription Service


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Adore Me Review

As part of the XO VoxBox (review coming soon!), I was given the opportunity to sign up for one free shipment from AdoreMe, the lingerie subscription service. They offer anything from an everyday bra and panty set to something more lacy & sultry. They also offer wedding sets and corsets. Each set is regularly $40.00 per month. Because I received this product for review, I’ve got a treat for my readers! Read on for more info about a special offer. 

About the Product

Adore Me redefines lingerie to make beautiful fashion affordable for every body. Feel sexy, have fun, and adore the new you! You’ll love the flexible VIP Membership, there are tons of benefits and perks! Enjoy fashion-forward lingerie from $39.95, every 6th set free, exclusive VIP designs, sneak peeks and much more! You don’t need to shop every month, all you need to do is visit your showroom before the fifth and either shop or skip. We’ll send you reminder emails, but if you forget, no worries! You’ll be charged a $39.95 store credit to use anytime—and if you don’t want this store credit, they have a convenient 30 day no-questions-asked refund policy. You’ll adore the VIP life!

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My Review

piperFor my first monthly shipment, which I received for free, I chose the Piper Contour DD+. No, I’m definitely not going to model the product myself. You’ll have to let that beautiful plus-sized model over there do the modeling for you.

Since I just stopped nursing within the last two months, I’ve still been wearing my nursing bras. This is because (1) My old bras don’t fit anymore, (2) I spent A LOT of money on nursing bras, (3) They are SUPER comfortable, (4) I’ve been too busy to even think about going bra shopping to figure out my new size.

With that in mind, AdoreMe gives you a handy chart/tutorial to find your measurements. However, I was too lazy and so I just guessed at what I thought my size might be. Tuns out I was pretty damn close! I could have gone up one size in the band, but the cups are a great fit! Also, dear lord are they going to stay this big forever?

I thought I’d go with something that looked a little romantic for the Valentine’s Day theme, but still something I could wear everyday, since I don’t have any regular bras! I wish that the underwear were a thing, but apparently all plus-sized girls like full coverage panties because they didn’t offer a thong with this style, or any other style I was interested in. You should also note that I don’t wear plus-sized clothing in any other store I’ve ever shopped with. But my boobs are big so that puts me in the plus-sized category on AdoreMe.

piper_brief_a1_webI’ve worn the bra and panty set for about a week, and I find that (even with a band extender) the rubber on the band digs into my skin until I have red lines. That isn’t very comfortable. Also, there isn’t much flexibility in the shoulder straps. I’d like them to be tight, but not digging into my shoulders. I couldn’t find an adjustment that gave me the happy medium.

The design was so cute! And the way the bra fit in the cups was perfect. I also loved the way the underwear fit. I wish they were either shorties or a thong, but the fit felt comfortable. One other thing is that I wish the design on the underwear carried onto the back more cohesively. It looks like they just designed the front half and slapped some mesh on the back.

The bottom line is that I just can’t afford to not be comfortable while holding a little one all day. I have so little time to worry about myself that I need something that will make me feel good above all else.

  • Likes: The design and the cup size fit.
  • Dislikes: The band fit and the lack of options for my size.
  • Would I Purchase? I do not think I’ll continue my VIP membership because I feel that I can probably find a more comfortable bra at the same price point in a department store.

What do you think about AdoreMe? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?
Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @jennbizzle!

A Woman’s Guide To Must Have Clothes

A Woman's Guide To Must Have Clothes

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As busy women (and moms, in my case!), we’re always adapting to different situations and running here or there for this special occasion and that playdate. That’s why I’m excited to share my fashion picks with you. Here are four items you MUST HAVE in your wardrobe.

Little Black Dress

littleblackdressYou’ve always heard it: you need to have a little black dress in your arsenal. It’s true. You should have a dress that you can pull out at the last minute that will fit in at any event. One that’s professional enough for work, but that you can dress up for a night out on the town or down for a casual lunch date in the park. I’ll let you in on a little secret, though: it doesn’t need to be black!

It shouldn’t be white, because then you’d never be able to wear it to a wedding! And it shouldn’t be overly patterned, so that floral frock is out! Think classic colors, neutrals, or muted tones. A solid foundation can be useful for adding pops of color with accessories. That way, just a small shift in jewelry, scarves, belts, etc. can completely change the look in minutes!

(Extra-long) Camis

camisI don’t know how many times a simple cami has saved me from a bare midriff or a little too much cleavage. And the length is important. If you are trying to battle a shirt that’s just a bit too short, a cami that’s the same length isn’t going to help much. Some people might disagree but for this mom, an extra-long cami in every color is a must.

Classic Heels (or Flats)

Nude, white, or black – It doesn’t matter what color they are. As long as they’re neutral, they’ll go with anything! Save your bright red stunners for a special occasion. There’s definitely a time and place for any extraordinary piece of shoe art. But for this list, a simple (not too high) heel will seal the deal.


For those of us who rarely dust off our dancing shoes, a classic black or nude flat will do just as well most of the time. I’d still suggest actually owning a pair of heels, but they may not be the beat for daily use with an active toddler. As for me? Mine only get pulled out a handful of times a year. But when I put them on, I’m ready to ROCK them!


spanxWe’re definitely not all a size zero. And even those who are sometimes have a little here or a little there that they’d light to smooth out. That’s why, no matter your size, a piece of shapewear (or two!) is a lifesaver. Personally, I own an open-bust tank to wear with a blouse and slacks, and a pair of high-waisted shorts that can be worn under a dress so my thighs don’t rub. I like to have the option of no panty lines!




Whether you’re attending the Marine Corps ball or chasing a toddler around the playground, these four items will be flexible enough to withstand your packed schedule! Do you have any must have clothes you’d add to my list. I’d love to hear all about them. Share your thoughts in the comments below or @jennbizzle on twitter!

Redken’s Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in Treatment


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Generally, I hate leave-in conditioners. They leave my hair feeling stiff and dirty, as if I put a ton of pomade in my hair and then didn’t’ wash or brush it for days. But, I had heard really great things about this product, and I know my grandma used to use it religiously. That lady had GREAT hair. So when I saw that it was offered through Amazon Pantry, I knew I just had to add it to my monthly shipment.

About the Product

Leave in treatment for damaged hair, split ends and hair breakage for all types of distressed hair. Its enhanced formula repairs, strengthens and protects hair shine. Extreme Anti-Snap distressed hair treatment is an award winning product and one of Redken’s best sellers.

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  • Included: One 8.5 ounce bottle of product with a pump dispenser.
  • Retail Price: $17.00 with free Prime shipping
  • Availability: At Ulta, on, and many other salons & retailers.

My Review

Redken’s Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in Treatment for Distressed Hair
Once I received the product in the mail, I hopped in the shower and did my normal shampoo/conditioner routine with Garnier Triple Nutrition. When I got out of the shower, I put three pumps in my palm and worked it through from root to tip. The first thing I noticed is that the smell of this cream is AH-MAY-ZING. It’s very light and luxurious, & it brought back familiar memories of my grandma.

I let my hair air-dry and I swear my hair has never felt so soft. So the next time I used it, a few days later, I used the blow dryer to get my hair dry. I just wanted to know if it still felt as soft using heat. I got a few compliments on how shiny my hair was and I loved how soft it felt. It wasn’t frizzy at all and for once I had no fly-aways on my part line!

I’ve been using the leave-in treatment for over a month now, and I’m in love. After using it, my hair feels completely clean. I don’t feel like I’ve got any built-up product in my hair at all. And BONUS, I’ve only used about one third of the bottle. A little bit goes a long way!

  • Likes: The smell is by far my favorite thing, followed closely by the weightless feel and the silky-smooth feeling it gives my hair.
  • Dislikes: It’s a little bit on the expensive side for my drugstore budget!
  • Would I Purchase? I’ll be buying this product for life.

What do you think about Redken’s Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in Treatment for Distressed Hair?
Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?

Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @jennbizzle!

LEACHCO Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

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Back 'N Belly

Long before I was pregnant, I fell in love with the idea of sleeping with a Snoogle. I love to surround myself with pillows, so this just seemed like a heavenly idea. Fast forward to being about three months along with Peanut, and I had to have one. Only, at this point there were more options! So, I went with the Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow from LEACHCO. My husband wasn’t very fond of the space it took up in our bed, but it was a real back, belly, and body saver during those uncomfortable nights while I was pregnant! These pillows are gaining serious popularity. I mean, did you know that Ellen actually gave a pregnant Jessica Simpson a Snoogle?

About the Product

Back 'N Belly

When you’re expecting you may notice you need as much support for your growing tummy as you do your aching back. Back ‘N Belly Original’s inner contours are designed to follow the natural curved shape of your body, no matter how you like to sleep. With its clever design there’s no need to reposition during the night. Simply turn from side to side and your body pillow is a custom fit. Provides equal support for back and tummy at the same time. Reverse ends for a “double decker” head support. Elevates and aligns hips to help ensure a neutral position to relieve strain on joints. Cradle yourself in custom comfort all throughout the night.

While you can’t purchase this product on LEACHCO’s website, you can get some more valuable information about the product, including a video.

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  • Included: One pillow without a slip cover
  • Retail Price: $71.00 + shipping (Prime available)
  • Availability: on

My Review

Okay, so I don’t actually have any personal photos of me in this thing because 1) you’re supposed to be using it while you’re sleeping, and 2) I was using it when I was extremely pregnant and no photos were allowed ever ever ever. Except belly bump shots, and I mostly cut my face out of those. But I do own it, and in fact I’m giving it to a pregnant friend pretty soon. Spreading the love! Like I said before, my husband wasn’t a big fan. Then again, I wasn’t a big fan of my husband being anywhere near me in bed for about four months, so that didn’t really influence my thoughts on this one way or the other.

I slept with this pillow for about six months of my pregnancy, well before I actually needed it. I just really love sleeping with tons of pillows surrounding me. It made me feel like I was in a cocoon, which may be bad for claustrophobics, but was excellently snuggly for me.

  • Likes: It supported my belly well during the last months of pregnancy. I’d love to sleep with it for life if my husband would let me! (Hint: he won’t.)
  • Dislikes: It was extremely stuffed. I definitely had to break it in before it started to become comfortable.
  • Would I Purchase? I paid for this product, and I’d do it again!

What do you think about the LEACHCO Pillow? Do you have one? Love it or leave it?
Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @jennbizzle!

Peanut’s Birth Story

caleb_bw2 copy

This is the story of one little man’s entrance into the world.

On Sunday night, after a barbecue at my MIL’s house, SC and I were driving home on the freeway. There was a tall truck in front of us that ran right over a tire shred in the middle of the road. SC had no time to swerve and avoid it before we hit it in our Camry. SC pulled over to check out the car and make sure nothing was damaged. It was right then, around 7:00 PM, that my contractions started again. Since they’d been coming and going so frequently over the last two weeks, I was almost afraid of saying anything (even to SC). But, when we’d gotten home (it’s almost a 40 minute drive), I had counted more than four contractions. That’s at least one every ten minutes. At home, I started keeping track on my iPhone app. They were between 7 and 10 minutes apart and at least a minute long. And they lasted like that through the whole night. Up to that point, whenever I relaxed enough to go to sleep my contractions stopped. That night, I slept through most of them, but I still felt them consistently all night and woke up with them. They never stopped.

caleb_toes_bw copy

SC went to work and I did what I had been doing all week: walk, relax, sit on the ball, repeat. I had my 40-week doctor’s appointment that morning. He said I was dilated to one centimeter and that he expected to see me in Labor and Delivery within the next day or two. I got home and ate an entire pineapple for lunch (what? It was going bad!). And then at about 2:00 PM, maybe twenty minutes after scarfing down the pineapple, my water broke all over my brand new bed. It felt like I was riding down a water slide at Hurricane Harbor. My first thought was, “Get your ass up off this bed!” Then I realized I’d have to walk across our brand new carpet in order to get to the bathroom. So I carefully and briskly made it to the bathroom, where I stood in the shower, not knowing what to do.

I turned on the water, rinsed off, and got out quickly. Then I sent out texts to SC and our doula. SC was home in less than ten minutes. I put on what felt like the biggest pad in human history to catch the rest of the leaking water (which never stopped until he was born) and ran a load of laundry to wash my sheets. I made SC do the dishes and take out the trash (those things are important!) while I started tracking these new, much more intense contractions. The doula showed up within the hour and we labored all over the house: on the ball, over the back of the couch, laying on the couch, standing and leaning on the bed, in the shower, etc. Nothing really eased the pain. Nothing felt better than anything else. By 5:00 PM, I was ready to go to the hospital. I knew I’d have to get at least one round of antibiotics in my system (I tested positive for Group B Strep bacteria) and felt that I was progressing pretty quickly.

caleb_bw3 copy copy

We got to the hospital at about 5:30 PM and went directly to Triage. I was measuring about 5 cm, but there were no available Labor and Delivery rooms. They let me know that it could be upwards of four hours before I was able to get a room. They also only let one person in the triage area, so our doula sat outside for over an hour before I demanded that they let her in if I wasn’t getting into a room. My contractions became so painful sitting on that gurney because it was so uncomfortable. I tried to lean over the back of the gurney, but it just made my legs fall asleep. Then, I tried to go to the bathroom and felt immediate relief sitting on the toilet. So I labored there for another hour. The nurses in Triage kept yelling at me to come out because they wanted to monitor me, but it was the only place that I felt really comfortable. I yelled at them to get me a regular bed if they wanted me to get off the toilet.

Eventually, I went back to bed and then shortly after (honestly, I lost track of time) they found me a room. When we got settled in the Labor & Delivery room, I asked the nurse to check my dilation. I was measuring at 10 cm, but needed to let the baby get down farther before I could start pushing. Unfortunately, my body was pushing involuntarily and I was having a hard time just stopping those pushes from happening. I found out that my doctor and backup doctor were both unavailable for delivery, so I was stuck with the on call doctor for delivery. The extremely unfortunate part is that the on call doctor was the only one in our town that I was really against delivering with. She has a reputation of not following “alternative” birth plans and terrible bedside manner.

Before I knew it, we were pushing and I wasn’t sure if the doctor had read my birth plan or even cared because I hadn’t talked to her. She walked in and I made sure that she knew I did NOT want her to give me an episiotomy. There were maybe five things on my birth plan that I was not going to budge on, no matter what. An episiotomy was one of them. I planned on gently birthing the head, but because my body was pushing and I wasn’t able to stop, things happened more quickly than I’d have liked. So, because of that, I tore in a few places. I pushed for about twenty minutes, maybe ten pushes in total, before his head came out. And I did not have to push the shoulders out, he just slipped out all in one push! Peanut was born at 11:41 PM on September 29, just 19 minutes away from his due date. He was 8 pounds 1 ounce and 22 inches long.


They put him right in my arms and we cried together while the doctor stitched me up (and was not gentle about it). After about twenty minutes of delayed cord clamping, we were ready for daddy to cut the cord. We did at least a full hour of skin to skin. Then a few family members were able to come in and meet him before we moved over to Couplet Care where we’d be staying. It was four in the morning before anything started settling down. Peanut was having a hard time eating because he had swallowed a lot of amniotic fluid during birth. We didn’t know that was the reason until 6 AM when he puked it all up. His tummy was really upset for most of the day, but he finally latched and started eating at 8 PM the following night. We also realized that Peanut was born with two natal teeth. Peanut passed all of his tests and we were released from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon, after just over a day and a half.

Review: SpookyEyes Contact Lenses

Free Product Review

I received the Violet Sparkle Contact Lenses from and etailPR. This was my first product review of any kind through eTailPR and I was pleasantly surprised. This post was actually due to come out last month, but because of some shipping issues (on my end, not theirs) and lots of craziness in my life right now, I felt I didn’t have enough time to review the product fairly at that point.

About the Product

Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses are high quality fashion contact lenses. They are soft and breathable, with a high water content that makes them very comfortable to wear. These violet purple color contact lenses keep your eyes feeling hydrated and comfortable all day long. They are easy to use and clean, working in complete harmony with your eyes. These soft lenses have a 12 month lifespan once opened, are suitable for all eyes, and are FDA approved. Spooky Eyes always offer free shipping on all orders! 

  • Included: One pair of soft, non-vision altering contact lenses.
  • Retail Price: $27.95 plus free shipping
  • Availability: on

My Review

I have never tried colored lenses before this review. I was so excited to do so, as I have been wearing clear, corrective lenses for over a year now. I’ve always wanted to have fun altering the color or shape of my eye for special occasions. I’d never wear contacts like these on a daily basis. I’m just not that flamboyant of a person! My experience with these in particular, because my vision is bad enough that I can’t see without some correction, was tough. I could only wear these in addition to glasses, and I guess that was the hardest part about trying these out for review. If I could go back, I’d probably not have selected this for review due to these circumstances.

Aside from that, though, these lenses were very comfortable to wear. Sometimes I have a hard time getting comfortable in a new pair of lenses, and these were not irritating at all from the moment I popped them in! The website says that the colors show up bold, even against dark eyes. I didn’t find them to be especially BOLD against my very dark eyes, but I could tell a difference in color. They also made my eyes seem quite larger.

There are many, many more types of lenses on, inclusing UV effects, witch and zombie effects, and white irises for halloween (or any other ordinary day!).

  • Likes: The comfortability of the lenses and the color suited me, as it was not too vibrant. 
  • Dislikes: The fact that the company does not offer vision-corrective lenses for order.
  • Would I Purchase? I might purchase a set for a halloween costume, but I’d rather choose a product that also has corrective properties.

What do you think about the SpookyEyes Contact Lenses? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?
Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @jennbizzle!

Review: Perlier Royal Elixir Facial Serum

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I received this Perlier Royal Elixir Facial Serum, which is a really fancy way of saying amazing honey face lotion that keeps you looking young,  from iFabbo. Honestly, this is only the second time I’ve qualified for a product from iFabbo, even though I interned for them for three months, so I was super excited to receive it!!

About the Product perlier2 This innovative, anti-aging serum incorporates fresh Royal Jelly from African bees known to stimulate collagen production and provide vital nutrients and anti-oxidative properties to the skin.  Additionally, all the water has been replaced by extremely pure rose distillate that has moisturizing and toning properties. A truly cutting edge product that envelopes nature at its prime. perlier1 Follow Perlier on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Included: 1.6 fl. oz. Honey Royal Gold Elixir
  • Retail Price: $99.00 plus shipping
  • Discount Code: iFabbo5 for $5.00 off on
  • Availability: on or Amazon

My Review perlier3 I opened this baby up and started using it right away. So that means I’ve been using it for about a month now. First, it has a light fragrance, but it’s not overwhelming. Contrary to my expectations, it doesn’t smell sweet or like honey. It’s kind of fresh smelling, but not like in a clean-linen sort of way. The scent is unlike anything I can think of. All I know is that my pregnant nose isn’t overwhelmed, so I’m super happy about that. perlier_swatch Also, I do not nor have I ever owned or put something on myself that costs as much as this product. So, HI LUXURY! It’s creamy and comes out of a little pump. It’s not too watery so that it slides off your finger, but it’s also not something that you need to really spread across your face. It sort of melts into your skin before you know it, so that’s really nice as well! As far as performance, I have noticed that my skin is really soft when using it. And I don’t even need to use it everyday, either. The moisture lasts. It’s truly regenerative, and not one of those products that only works right when you use it. It also has a tiny bit of sparkly stuff inside (not like GLITTER) that you only really notice in the sun and it makes you ABSOLUTELY GLOW.

  • Likes: Light scent, soft skin.
  • Dislikes: The price.
  • Would I Purchase? Let’s face it, I’m a drug store makeup kind of gal. There is no world in which I would spend $99 on any beauty product. But it IS nice.

The Giveaway! (CLOSED)perlier4   So, somehow (gasp!?) I ended up with an extra product. I could just keep it for myself because it’s crazy luxurious, but I’m SO GENEROUS that I decided the best thing to do would be to share the love. In the spirit of love and sweetness (honey, get it?), there are a few ways that you can enter to win. You can share this contest on Twitter and Pinterest every day. The more you share, the more entries you earn! YAY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


And The Winner Is…

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 10.47.27 AM


Thanks everyone who entered!! Juliana, be sure to check your email so I can get the product sent to you ASAP!


What do you think about Perlier Royal Elixir Facial Serum? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it? Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @jennbizzle!

Watching it Burn

I googled my ex today (God, this already sounds like an AA monologue). The Ex. And only partly because Facebook has been throwing him in my face on a weekly basis for months. YES, I’M FUCKING SURE I DON’T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH THE MAN WHO RIPPED MY HEART OUT AND LIT IT ON FIRE. But, speaking of fire.

I know that he lives in San Diego. And nearly all of San Diego is literally on fire. Part of me just wants to know he’s safe. The more curiouser an stalker-y part of me wants to know if he’s been evacuated. Because if he has, he may be staying here in town. And that means we might run into each other. DEAR GOD SAVE ME IF THAT HAPPENS.

I just need some information. Because before he ripped my heart out, it was his for four years. Still longer than anyone else in my life. Still longer than my husband. And that love that we had, that crazy-always-ending-and-never-ending-at-the-same-time love is completely different from the grounded-and-sane-and-totally-normal love that I have now. It’s like night and day, honestly. That crazy love is not what I want or need or feel fulfilled by; but it is part of me.

I have rarely talked about this or compared my feelings because I don’t want to risk making my husband feel like I am comparing him or like there was ever someone else for me. But this is my truth. And, at one time, there was someone else. And that’s never going to go away completely. This is the way I’ve always dealt with things, the only way for me to really release these thoughts and stop letting them affect me.

I still feel guilty for writing this. For feeling the need to Google in the first place. Because my husband doesn’t have a previous love in his life. He’ll never relate to how I’m feeling. He’ll simply feel jealous. But that doesn’t discredit my feelings.

In the end, I didn’t find out anything. I don’t know if he has been or will be at all affected by the fires. Either way, it doesn’t really affect me. Curiosity just got the better of me. Because when I thought I might find something out before I started all of this, I felt like it would change something. But it didn’t.

My lesson: It’s okay to care. But it’s also okay to just let it go. Because there’s nothing I can do about that situation, and it doesn’t affect me. If something happened that really would affect me, I would find out. The universe would bring that to me. Until then, I’m going to worry about watering the green, green grass (that’s not burning) on my side of the fence.


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I was contacted directly by the brand to review this STEAMCREAM moisturizing product. The tins for this product are always changing, though the product inside is always the same. The brand offered me a choice between two limited edition Valentine’s day-inspired tins, and I chose the one named Thalia, which was red with white flowers on the lid.

About the Product

STEAMCREAM represents the latest concept in skincare. Freshly handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam. This unique method makes the cream very lightweight, providing long-lasting hydration for the face. The texture also makes it a perfect nourishing treat for your body and hands too. 


STEAMCREAM uses top-quality ingredients like neroli oil and rose absolute that are often used in the most exclusive perfumes. Neroli oil is so precious and beautifully scented that it was named after the 16th century princess Anna-Marie di Nerola, who used it to scent her gloves and bath water to help to seduce her lovers! Each kilo of rose absolute is made from the petals of thousands of roses, picked at exactly the right time to produce the most natural, seductive scent. Instead of a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day why not try something a little lighter? STEAMCREAM is packed with cocoa butter, but is far better for your skin. It is also full of antioxidants and vitamin E, leaving skin smooth and soft.

Follow STEAMCREAM on FacebookPinterest, and Twitter.

  • Included: One Limited Edition tin of SteamCream moisturizer
  • Retail Price: $20.00 plus shipping
  • Availability: on the SteamCream website or on

My Review


I have been trying this product out for months and I can say that this is a product that shows it’s results dramatically. Sometimes, when you use moisturizing lotion, you know that you don’t really feel dry or itchy but you also don’t notice a HUGE change in the overall feel of your skin. Not to mention, you have to keep reapplying in order to feel moisturized. I have really dry and cracked feet, so  I thought that would be the perfect way to truly test out this product. I would slather in on my feet before bed and then put some thick socks on. After only TWO nights, my heels felt so smooth and the effects lasted at least a week before my feet started feeling dry again.

Just recently, my skin has been getting these scaly dry patches as a result of my pregnancy. Regular lotion just wasn’t cutting it so I decided to try the SteamCream. First, I want to say that the scent is light, and not at all overwhelming for my hyper-sensitive nose. Second, my dry patches have already lessened and as I continue to use the product I can see the difference in my skin before I apply the lotion the next day.


  • Likes: That it actually works, and fast!! It’s not too overwhelming for my nose and the scent is so soft that my husband will even use it. 
  • Dislikes: I wish it were a bit thicker, as it can easily spill out of the can if it is tilted and it tends to drip when picking it up with your fingers.
  • Would I Purchase? If I run out before this pregnancy is over, I’ll have to purchase!! 

What do you think about SteamCream? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?
Tell me in the comments below or on twitter @jennbizzle!

Review: Ozeri Green Earth Textured Nonstick Pan

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This is my second review for the Ozeri brand, you can find the first one here. Since I loved the first pan so much, the company offered to send me a larger one with a textured coating to see if I still felt the same way. I loved the first pan so much that I immediately responded: YES, YES, YES!

About the Product

The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri is one of the world’s first frying pans to achieve non-stick perfection while remaining absolutely free of PTFE, PFOA and other harmful chemicals. With the Green Earth Pan’s GREBLON ceramic from Germany, even under high temperatures, no harmful toxic fumes are ever released into the environment. This is because the Green Earth Pan utilizes a 100% ceramic coating inspired by nature – not a laboratory. The Green Earth Pan’s ceramic coating is completely free of PTFE and PFOA, and far more durable and scratch-resistant than other non-stick surfaces. With better non-stick properties, the Green Earth Pan allows you to saute, fry, bake, boil and braise with as little as half the amount of oil normally used, and cleaning is a breeze. The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri is made of the highest quality die-cast aluminum that allows for even cooking and fantastic browning without hot spots. It boasts a magnetized bottom for rapid heat transfer on induction stoves, and a heat resistant silicone coated handle. This version of the Green Earth Pan features a textured ceramic cooking surface. The elevations of the textured cooking surface create air pockets which distribute heat underneath food to enhance cooking performance.

  • Included: One 12″ Ozeri pan with textured non-stick surface and one pan-protecting felt “flower”.
  • Retail Price: $38.95 +free shipping with Amazon Prime
  • Availability:  On

My Review

I received the first Ozeri pan late last year, probably around October? And it still works amazingly. It’s our official Omelette Pan. Now, with the larger one, my husband (the designated breakfast chef of the family) is able to make perfect pancakes without pulling out the bulky griddle. The texture doesn’t get in the way of cooking at all, and the non-stick propertise are exactly the same. This larger one, 12″, even comes with a little felt flowery looking thing that you can place inside and still stack other pans on top in your cabinets, for extra protection of the coating. We have been using this pan for at least four months, the smaller one for at least seven, and the non-stick on both is just as great as ever!


  • Likes: The large frying surface, I can make a one pan meal that is super easy to clean up! Even Teriyaki Chicken with Fried Rice was cleaned off the pan with just a quick wipe of the sponge. The perfect non-stick coating and the flower protector (what do you even call that thing?) are really great  as well. 
  • Dislikes: Really the only thing I can complain about is that it’s too large to hang on my ceiling pot rack without running into it. But, you know, it IS 12″ and that’s what I also love most about it!! Sacrifices!
  • Would I Purchase? I would love to own the whole line of Ozeri products and wish they’d come out with pots! Cooking on these pans is honestly a breeze and I am so grateful!

What do you think about the Ozeri 12″ Textured Non-stick Pan? Have you tried it yet? Love it or leave it?
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